"Father Bob" wasn't always "Dr. Bosworth!"  After twenty-five years of active service as a priest in the Episcopal Church, he became very ill.   This life-threatening illness forced him to accept a disability retirement at age 48 that left him unemployed, clinically depressed, and full of anxiety.  After successfully dealing with the depression and anxiety at the hands of excellent doctors and counselors, he decided to return to school to gain the credentials that would allow him to counsel others who suffered as he did.  He added a Doctorate (PhD) in Counseling Psychology (2012)  to his Master's degree in Theology (1985) and Bachelor's Degree in Music (1979), and started volunteering as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor at Catholic Charities.  While he is an Anglican (Episcopalian), his practice is split between Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and non-believers. All people are treated with equal dignity, being created in the image and likeness of God.

Dr. Bosworth is a member in good standing of the Catholic Psychotherapists' Association and the National Christian Counselors Association. He is the author of a devotional book centered around the Twenty-Third Psalm entitledA Year with the 23rd Psalm (2008), and Living Your 'Happily Ever After:" Practical Steps to Enhance and Even Save Christian Marriages (2014), both of which are available on the Books page of this website,Dr-Bosworth.comBarnesandNoble.com, and Amazon.com. He and his wife have been married for over thirty-eight years and have a son, Robert III, who married Maris, both with Master of Music degrees in Piano Performance.  Robert is on the Piano/Voice faculty at the Universtiy fo KY at Lexington; Maris is a stay-at-home mom with our granddaughter,Claire Elizabeth!

Pastoral Counselors often integrate modern psychological thought and method with traditional religious training in an effort to address ​psycho-spiritual issues in addition to the traditional spectrum of counseling services.

Pastoral Counseling is unique in that the counselor helps the client understand life issues in the context of faith.

Pastoral Counseling uses both psychological and theological resources to deepen its understanding of whatever issues a client presents.  Many pastoral counselors work with clinical counselor when serious issues of mental health are present.

Pastoral Counseling is particularly appropriate for Marriage and Family counseling with people who profess a faith in God . . .

About Pastoral Counseling and Dr. Bosworth

About Pastoral Counseling (scroll down for "About Dr. Bosworth" and "Counseling Fees" and "Client Recommendations.")

Pastoral Counseling is a branch of counseling in which psychologically trained ministers provide clinical therapy services.

 About the "Cost" of Counseling:

       Dr. Bosworth's Counseling is a volunteer ministry: he is disabled/retired, and notpaid for his work. Rather, he encourages his clients to donate to charity in thanksgiving for the ministry provided them.  (Dr Bosworth is happy to provide a list of charities that he knows are managed well and practice good stewardship.) 
Clients who can afford it donate $150/session. ($175-250 per hour is the area's average rate for the type of services he provides.)  Those who cannot afford to donate as much are asked to donate what they can.   It is his fervent desire that no one who wishes and needs counseling will be turned away because of their ability to pay.  (Sorry, but because he encourages donations and there are no "fees" per se,  he does not accept insurance.)  Likewise with his books: Dr Bosworth donates all the proceeds he receives to not-for-profit organizations to benefit those in society who need it most: those caught up in natural disasters, the sick and the needy, and those in need of counseling but cannot afford it.  (As mentioned , over the last six years, over $318K has been given away to charities through his practice.)

What do Dr. Bosworth's Clients Say About Him?  Take a look:

​"Dr. Bosworth's uncanny ability to establish a meaningful and trusting relationship quickly was key and for my success. His sessions were always insightful, full of compassion overall very productive. His use of "homework assignments" and accountability were very useful for me also as he helped me escape the nightmare of addiction. Thanks in large part to Dr. Bosworth, I was able to return to school and complete my college degree. I am now enrolling in graduate school and have regained a sense of purpose in my life."

"Dr. Bosworth has changed my life in ways I’ll never be able to repay him for.  While man of deep faith, he has an incredibly scientific approach to treatment that I’ve found profoundly insightful.  Over the last 7 months I’ve been able to better understand myself and the world around me, gaining the tools and insight to overcome deep rooted anxiety, depression and a lack of self-esteem.  I can say for certain I have made far more progress with him than the past decade with alternative treatment.  I went to Dr. Bosworth because I needed real help internally, but I underestimated how working with him would have a positive impact on my family, friends, professional endeavors, and romantic relationships.  I would highly recommend Dr.Bosworth to anyone who’s serious about making meaningful change in their life regardless of their faith, background or location."

"I met Dr. Bosworth during a seemingly hopeless time in my life. I was struggling to survive physically, emotionally and financially while waiting for a ruling on my social security disability hearing, among other things. Having always been a strong woman of faith, for the first time in my life I felt weak and I was lacking in my faith.  From personal experience I can tell you there are good counselors and not-so-good counselors in this world. Dr. Bosworth is one of the good guys! He is exceptionally kind, compassionate and relatable. Over the next two years Dr. Bosworth taught me the tools I needed to strengthen both my faith and my personal resolve. On December 30, 2017, Dr. Bosworth officiated over my wedding. I feel blessed to have meet Dr. Bosworth when my life was chaos. He was the beacon of hope I needed to restore my sense of self and reaffirm my faith."

"Although I have been seeing Father Bob for a short period of time, I have benefited from his counseling in many ways.  He has helped me improve my communication skills with family members. He encourages me not to be critical of myself and has provided me with the tools to cope with stress and anxiety better.  Father Bob is easy to talk to and is a great listener.  I find him incredibly compassionate, understanding, supportive and knowledgeable."    

"Dr. Bosworth uses a very effective method of therapy that includes both face to face sessions and patient homework.  This helps patients understand their role in the healing process and gives them a sense of control over their emotions.  Our son met Dr. B, he had several different issues that threatened his ability to maintain his job and his stability.  His progress has been amazing, and he has gained useful insight into maintaining sobriety and mental health.  Dr. Bosworth has provided our son with tools to deal with life much more effectively and healthily." 

"Father Bob came into our lives when our son was at a crossroads—he was no longer a child, but not yet an adult.  Father Bob was able to help give wise direction to our son as our son contemplated what his future should look like.  Our son generally did not enjoy seeing a counselor on a regular basis, and invariably he would stop going after a few weeks.  With Father Bob, however, our son formed a healthy and beneficial long-term relationship with Father Bob that has lasted even beyond the period of formal counseling."

"Dr. Bosworth is the best! He really takes the time to get to know the couples he leads through marriage counseling and marriage preparation. That same level of attention is applied to his clients. Dr. Bosworth is caring, compassionate and a lighthouse of hope for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression."

Dr. Bosworth is an excellent listener and counselor. For years I Have struggled with resentment and stress caused by my only sibling acting badly toward me for many years. She is the product of years of substance abuse and poor lifestyle choices. Thanks to his advice and guidance, I am now in control of the relationship and my emotions regarding it—peace at last.


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. . . and who wish to lead a life that is pleasing to Him. Don't be confused: Pastoral Counseling is a great deal more than simply looking into the Bible and hearing the counselor say, "Just do what it tells you to do." There are many complex issues in every marriage and in every family. Pastoral Counseling can help a client discover what needs changing and, after that, look to God for help through not only the Bible, but through what He has made known in psychology, business and other disciplines. There are lots of simplistic Biblical "fixes" to marriage available and so-called pastoral counselors to offer them, but you won't find that here!

In a word that’s losing its religious and spiritual bearings, this type of therapy is very successful in restoring clients to health and well-being in a way that intentionally connects with their ultimate being as creatures, made in the image and likeness of a loving God.  For people who identify with a religious tradition, pastoral counseling can help put them in touch with who they are and who they were created to be; it can help them grow into the emotional, psychological and spiritual "best version of themselves" possible.

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